Xavanth Venomclaw ;; male ;; half-demon ;; pestilence ;; former Lord.

The Broken Lord

Xavanth has always been an enigma; ever since he was brought back as the Demon Lord of Pestilence, his existence has been futile, meaningless, and - in his eyes - unjustified in the eyes of the gods. He saved Jekt from the reiatsu-storm of Kairn's decomposing Perfect Realm, and was selected by Orphethus to take the mantle as the new Lord of Pestilence, ordered with securing the Kingdom and establishing a new royal bloodline. But he never wanted royalty - he never wanted anything.

He sought escape. And in part, he found it. After doing what he could for the Kingdom of Pestilence, he searched the Realm for one he could trust with Lordship, and regretted the day he ever took the Venomthrone. The days of his past, the screams of another, the death of an unborn child, cast a shadow across his reign that he couldn't shake nor divert. And he despaired that he would never find one whom he could trust... until he found the half-hellwolf, Diaval, an adviser and one who slowly gained his companionship, even friendship. He began to teach Diaval the duties of a Lord - never once hinting at the escape he sought, at the rebellion of soul he could no longer endure.

But even as he decided upon his final act, as he gave Diaval the Lordship and his biggest dream... everything failed and fell apart. In the end, he gave everything up, and disappeared into the wilds. Now, he has been chosen by the Faction of Hope as one of their leaders...

The Shattered Spirit

Despair is what he was left with. Broken, body and soul, he escaped the Pestilence Castle with little more than his life. Now, he bears a darkness of spirit that not even the death of his elven pairbond had left; a deep-seated anger that lay coiled at the bottom of his heart, tainting his very thoughts. He is cold and aloof on the outside, even unpredictable, especially to those he doesn't know. To enemies, he is ruthless - to friends, he shows little mercy anymore. Recovery is a long road, one that he has taken more slowly than the rest.

Once, Xavanth was a kind-hearted half-demon who loved children, gentle and caring among all those he sought to protect. He had a strong wit and vicious sarcasm, paired with dry humor and subtle jokes. Should he recover, he may regain some of the qualities he has lost; until that day, little can be said.

Black Heart, White Diamond

Xavanth a tall demon with wild, unkempt black hair and an elven build. He appears to be in his mid-twenties, wearing a sleeveless white tunic decorated with a variety of accessories, overlaid by a black leather coat. His dark breeches hold a knife and sword sheath hanging from a leather belt. His right eye is golden with a round pupil; his left is stark red, cat-slitted and malevolent. Three scars, noticeable only in strong light, curl around the scarlet eye. Another scar can be seen on his chin, lighter than the others. All were gained in the same experience.

When using any sort of magic - be it his venom-acid reiatsu or his meager healing abilities - his right eye turns as red as his left.

Poison Is As Poison Does

Xavanth is able to absorb poisons easily into his bloodstream, immune to their effects. Oftentimes, he can combine their effects with his own acidic aura, and use it as a weapon against enemies. Utilizing his reiatsu, he can melt his way through rock, steel and flesh, though it's incredily taxing on his strength.

He's able to focus his reiatsu into wings of shadowy aura on his back, and fly for short distances in good weather and bad. As they have no definite shape, these wings may also be used for other things, such as barriers and shields.

Learned from his pairbond, he also has a very limited grasp of healing magic.

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