name:: Storm Scarecrow
species:: werelion
gender:: male
age:: 47 Felnovian years
orientation:: asexual
rank:: dragonrider
occupation:: bounty hunter
mother:: unnamed human
father:: unnamed werecat
bonded:: Arcayn

Heart of Ice

Cold and dispassionate, Storm is as irritatingly stoic to long-time companions as he is with complete strangers. He's known to watch everything with an air of extreme disapproval, snow-colored eyes holding about as much warmth in them as the thing they most resemble.

Though not easily annoyed or angered, Storm will go out of his way to make sure that those with the opportunity to get to such a level stay as silent as possible. He isn't above knocking someone out to guarantee a mission's success, or stop someone from doing something stupid.

Claws of Steel

As a werecat, Storm is affected by the moon and its phases, though he has honed his abilities enough that he may transform into his lion form at will. However, he is unable to stave off the night of the full moon's complete transformation, though he has been able to banish the leading-up effects very well.

In addition to his transformation ability, Storm is a lightning elemental, though he very rarely summons electricity for the purpose of offense. Generally, he likes to use the thunder that accompanies lightning to frighten his opponents. When in lion form, he can loose a bolt that arcs between his teeth, giving a thunderous, crackling quality to his roars.

Scars of Darkness

Storm is a tall, broad-chested warrior, built much like his lion affinity. He has dark, ashy skin and silvery white hair drawn out of his eyes in a short topknot - otherwise, it hangs around his face in loose clumps. Three claw-scars cross diagonally from above his right eye to the left side of his chin, a shade lighter than his skin. His features are chiseled and worn, pockmarked by many years of battle and exploration. He's often described as looking very fierce, and feral.

Usually, being from the far north, Storm dresses in warm fur-lined cloaks and thick leather. He often wears a thick bandolier with an assortment of knives and sheathed across his chest, as well as a thin sword at his side. Around his neck, often hidden from view, is a thin cord with a flat piece of unmarked steel attached to it.

In his lion form, he is a muscular, black-coated feline with a white mane and tail tuft, as well as white eyes. His mane extends halfway down his belly, and splays across his shoulders.

To Those Behind the Scenes

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