"I'm afraid you are wrong, love; there are dangers in this world simply too fun to just not do."

Scales of white and a heart of gold.

Tall and proud, Sha'kir stands at around thirteen feet at the shoulder and has scales white as snow. A mottled stripe of light silver runs from the base of his throat down his neck, across his side and the length of his tail, ending around three feet from its end. His legs are sheathed in the same light silver, somewhat metallic in the light - the same color as a tuft of forelock around his evergreen eyes and a flare of fur at the end of his tail. His wings, though semitransparent, are a similar hue. Three main silver horns curve backwards from his skull, one smaller behind a short, white-hide ear. Smaller horns line his lower jaw, and a floofy white mane begins at his brow and flows down his neck to his shoulders. From here, a feathery back-crest rises, matched by fluffy ankle-tufts and feathered elbows. A sharp, jagged silver ridge extends from his hindquarters down his tail.

It's all a matter of perspective-

Sha'kir is a rather vain drake who takes pride in his appearance and standing, apt to fall into self-glorying stories of his days as a pirate and the thrills he's experienced therein. However, he is rather easy-going and is swift to make new allies, friendly and likable. He holds a leader's charisma and draws crowds to him with speeches to rival Verridith's - some say he would make a spectacular king.

He is exceptionally protective of those he looks after, and once he swears an oath, there is little that can stop him from fulfilling it. Noble and proud, he takes extreme pride in his country and the role he's taken in its prosperity, able to overlook the bad in light of protecting and saving the good. He works tirelessly to help his Queen in all of her endeavors, keeping the love he holds secret and locked away deep within his heart. And though he has an ego as big as Vystriana itself, he isn't above admitting when he's wrong - and making amends soon after.

Why, what could be better than that?

Trained on his own and without proper instruction, Sha'kir's abilities are limited, though he holds great potential. He is a metal-mage of some worth, able to create the rare dragonsung steel out of existing alloys. He often molds the weapons of his enemies into armor for his allies, as well as weapons should they break.

Oh, the past is the past is the past.

Sha'kir began his life as a nameless rogue; he and his siblings, two brothers and a sister, were abandoned as they hatched by a mother who no longer cared. As the eldest and first-hatched, he was tasked with taking care of the other hatchlings on his own - something that, later on, would contribute to his protective nature and fine leadership abilities.

The four survived for nearly ten years in the northern Darklights, before fledging fully and going their separate ways. Two of the brothers left to become knights in the Vystrian Order; the sister went to find one who could teach her how to weave metal like their eldest brother. But the two younger males fell in battle not long after they took their Test, attempting to quell an attack on D'issan from a rogue band of deathcats. After twenty years had passed, Sha'kir learned that his sister had grown into a marvelous mage in Godshome, and he went to see her there - but when he arrived, he found her gone, and hasn't been able to find trace of her since.

On his own, Sha'kir took to pirating with a gryphon and a pair of avians, attacking the sky-cities of Stroen'na for thrill and loot. He would later begin raiding bands of dragonriders and floating airships, finding that the magic-powered constructs were incredibly easy to fell.

In his final year of pirating, he and his band came across a rather heavily-armed airship, filled with avian mages and long-arrowed, large crossbows. One of his band was killed, and the gryphon shot out of the sky; he flew on and attempted to destroy the crossbows with metal, but was similarly blasted by the ample force, wreathed in terrible flame. He crashed into the sea and was swept away, semi-conscious, into the current.

He washed up on the shores of Alubria, and was taken in by a Flight of gryphons who had long known of his band's prowess. Seeking his protection from rogue roc'a in the north, they nursed him back to health and healed his wounds. But, reminded by the gods that he wasn't all immortal, he sought to further his studies in the way of metal-weaving so that he would never be taken advantage of again.

He left for Vystriana and flew quickly to the capitol, where he found Verridith and her country locked in a war with Kairn's hellbound creations. After fighting for some time, he grew close to the Queen; and after her sanity was restored, he was chosen to lead at her side as an adviser, part of the esteemed Council.

And you said you were...?

[[ name ! Sha'kir
[[ gender ! male
[[ age ! 137 years
[[ species ! western dragon
[[ eye color ! green
[[ scale color ! white
[[ marking color ! light grey
[[ mother ! unknown
[[ father ! unknown
[[ siblings ! deceased
[[ relationships !
Verridith- friend.
Arnus- friend.
Nagase- friend.

Nonsensical? Why, I live the word.

Sha'kir is a young White who, previous to his meeting Verridith, lived a life as a rogue. Wild and free, he often sought to disrupt the lives of those around him before an accident nearly claimed his life. Since then, he has put his pirating to the side, and returned to serve his Vystrian homeland by acting as the Queen's most trusted adviser.

Though he somewhat loathes the lack of freedom, he may have fallen in love with the lively Gold - and now, it's all he can do to keep her kingdom from falling apart.

I'm flattered, you know. Really, I am.

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