Sable is a she-wolf of the Vehn with an affinity for darkness and shadow, much like the Myr pack's direwolf, Karkaras.

She is learning how to craft shadows and play with those belonging to her packmates - already, she can pin them in place by taking control of their shadow for very brief periods of time. She may also 'borrow' pieces of another's shadow and craft them into small creatures for her amusement, but can't summon them for more than a few minutes.

To her packmates, she is somewhat meek and shy, having lost much of her courage after her sister, Malystrix, went missing during the Summoning's violent attack. She loves pups, however, and someday plans to have her own, though she has no particular male in mind. She's found a great friend in Golfyn, and supports both her and Moku wholeheartedly.