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Flash of Lightning //

Narath is a large Blue, the father of Nagase and former mate of Verridith. Part of a relatively unknown family, he lost his mother and father in Icemark years ago, and was finally slain in Xaeri after the first Demon War. Now he travels as a ghost, struggling to remain out of the sight of those who would know him, yet close enough to still keep watch.

In his dragonform*, he stands about twelve feet at the shoulder with a lithe, muscular build and wide, batlike wings. His base color is iridescent, sapphire blue with dark purple stripes on his wrists, wing fingers, thighs and tail. Small purple horns line his cheeks and hocks, as well as tip his wings. The claws of his paws and wings are golden, as well as two straight horns that sprout from his skull.

He has a thick black mane that flows from his forehead down his neck, between his wings and all the way to the tip of his tail. His wings are silver-webbed and very broad; the edges are tipped in gold, and the backs are covered with thick bands of purple. On the longest wing finger of his left wing, he has tied a small feather, one which he tells is that of his mother. On his muzzle is a jagged golden marking that resembles a lightning strike, laid horizontally across his face. Finally, from the base of his throat to the middle of his tail, he sports thick, smooth silver plates that protect his neck and belly.

* Narath is able to take two forms in death; that of his original dragonform, and another of a human. In his human form, he appears with white hair and blue eyes that match his scales - more often than not, he will wear black armor edged in silver.

Roar of Thunder //

Hatched on a night filled with dark stormclouds that veiled the stars, Narath was well acquainted with his element of lightning even before he discovered he had it himself. He can manipulate it as an offensive weapon, or into a shield of electricity; he may also use it to weld and fix armor and weapons.

This dragon's roar resembles the crash of thunder, and he is incredibly fast. Very rarely, he can turn into the physical manifestation of his element, though it's incredibly dangerous and very taxing.

Spark of Honor //

Coding (c) me; the image was done by the wonderful and amazing Winter Osprey on Dragon Cave!