The Basics

SPECIES:: half vampire, half human
GENDER:: male
AGE:: 19
POSITION:: knight (sorta in training)

ties that bind

Daama:: sister. Bird:: father. Alurwa:: mother. Ithildae:: friend.


A Knight of the Sword, Maaru is a boy of around nineteen with very long hair tied into a loose ponytail. His hair shades from a light blond at his bangs to a deep brown-black at the very ends, much like a wolf's coat, though the reason for this is currently unknown. His eyes are a bright green, slightly darker around the pupil, and his skin is quite pale.

Generally, Maaru will wear full or partial plate armor with a red cloak over the top for warmth, though he detests and refuses to wear one with a hood. The necklace he wears is a double-stringed pendant of a flying winged wolf, given to him by one who knows his father.


Maaru holds courage he isn't yet aware of; in times of great need, he's able to push past fear and fight for those he cares about. Though he hasn't entirely mastered his fear, he has a big heart, and is willing to do anything to save the lives of his fellow knights.

He's easygoing and hardworking, optimistic and something of a joker. Much like Shyun, Maaru tends to hide his true feelings in an attempt to make his fellows happy, and keep their morale high. He makes friends very easily, and doesn't take long to get to know someone, even if that person is a complete stranger.


Though Maaru has found no magical affinity, he's very proficient with a variety of weapons, including a bow and sword. His favorite, however, remains a double-ended spear, which he carries with him almost everywhere.


coding & character (c) Blazeh; art to Dolldivine