Fang Fireclaw

Aye, I am the one you have come to seek. My name is Fankorialstrazanite Firetalon! And once, I was a King. But you, lad - you may call me Fang. Fang Fireclaw. I am an old nomad now, and nothing else. A hermit... a vagabond. I was a hero, and now I am nothing.

May my people remember me, but otherwise, I hope that they may exist without my aide. My time is over... now, it falls to you.



Fang is your typical grumpy old man; he prefers to live as a hermit, a nomad, and not have anyone bother him anymore. However, when the need arises, he stands to take the challenge, and can often be seen putting aside his 'retirement' to help win a war before disappearing into obscurity once again.

He's known to shapeshift into various forms to entertain children and wanderers, as well as keep an eye on his progeny, making sure that his old country keeps on its feet.


A master of fire, Fang is known for his revolutionary use of the magic of flame; he is incredibly adept at utilizing fire in different ways in both wartime and peacetime, in battle or everyday. He was the first to initiate fire-bound 'welding' of metals in dragonweaving weapons, as well as the former head of the School of Blacksmithery in Old Ki'Lia.

Other than fire, he has limited control in a variety of elements, including lightning, air, earth and water, though his usage of light and darkness is haphazard at best. His Tiger's Eye Quartz pendant has the ability to absorb pain and heal injuries, though the build-up of that essence within the pendant can overflow, killing whatever it's released on instantly.


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