Estela; the Black Beauty

name: Estela Sharpscale. gender: female. species: Yorijian dragon. heritage: Whiteshark/Kingfisher. age: around 100; young adult.

I was born an outcast. My black scales saved me; but I am much more than what they tried to mold me into. I rose above the disgrace they forced upon me. I showed them my power... and I proved myself to them all.

I am not a dishonor.

the darkscale

A beautiful dragoness filled with a will of fire and steel, Estela is a marvel to behold. A little over thirty feet long, and nine feet at the shoulder, Estela is long and slender, built for speed underwater and in the air. Her scales are very small, sharp and triangular, a deep, somewhat iridescent obsidian color that glimmers silvery blue in strong light. Thin, slashlike silver markings crisscross her neck, shoulders, back and thighs, glowing with faint light, except in the darkness of the deepest portions of the vast ocean. Her eyes glow tirelessly in a bright, radiant teal, with the white pupil being the brightest point.

Being a hybrid between two Families - the Whiteshark and the Kingfisher - Estela has several unusual, mixed features, something she has taken pride in despite her rather chaotic childhood. Her mother had been a Kingfisher, and her father a Whiteshark; she lived with her father on the outskirts of Nokessa, on the edge of the sharply-defined Forktooth. Here, her Kingfisher's dark grey mane and feathered whiskers could not be seen by other Whiteshark hatchlings; nor would her curled antlers, or the luminescent feathers that tipped her long tail.

She loved her feathers and mane - a mane that hid a sharp, jagged backfin between her shoulderblades, distracted from the hidden spikes that lay settled along her spine. She holds a double-row of sharp teeth behind a beaked face, as well as long, double-hooked claws on slender, webbed fingers.

the blazing fire

From a very young age, Estela had shown incredible aptitude in two of the five Family gifts that all Black Guards are given; the ability to breathe fire underwater, and the ability to shift into many different forms. Though she enjoys flying, she isn't incredibly good at it, and much prefers to slice through the water at great speed, where she may feel and navigate the oceanic currents without problem. Unlike many, she breathes a pure black, somewhat acidic flame that burns with an intensity linked to the phases of the moon - at the moon's full waxing, her blasts can be incredibly destructive, where on the night of the new moon, she can barely breathe a spark.

When she chooses to shift, Estela prefers that of unusual forms; a feathered lioness or fish-scaled wolf, a human female with barbs in her long, black hair, snakes covered in fur are among her favorite forms to take. In each form, she retains her black coloration in hair, scale and fur color, where skin will generally be quite pale and near translucent. Her eyes are always a glowing teal with white pupils.

the guarded heart

Her mixed heritage has been a prominent thing all her life; Estela was subjected to great disdain and dishonor when her father brought her before Calypso some years ago, claiming her as a Whiteshark and Kingfisher both. Her father was sent from the Isle in disgrace - it's said that he fled in exile, and died somewhere in the open sea when Scylla's madness turned the southern waters to a mad, chaotic mix of boiling tsunami.

Estela is a haughty, angry dragoness, one of the very few ever known to nearly best the elder in her Initiation ritual. She was hellbent on proving herself better than all the rest, both her age and not - using he mixed heritage as an asset, this makes her a very dangerous foe. She is swift to action, though she's very calculating, almost sociopathic in the execution of her plans. She speaks little, and quietly, vocabulary limited to what she thinks needs to be said and no more. She loathes gossip of any kind, and would much rather go out and seek answers herself than listen to would-be rumors from her fellow Guardians.

Her heart is guarded against all and everything, completely dedicated to her tasks and orders. Estela's loyalty to Calypso and Yorije is unmatched; she will do anything for her queen, no matter how dark the request, and prides herself on being a perfect soldier.

the troubled past

Brought to the Isle of Djomwhetta at the tender age of five years and a few days, Estela was barely a fledgling when she fought the Elder of the Black Guard. Under the eyes of Kyoyan, Father Moon, Zacyn, she faced the challenge of the Initiation without fear. Trained in the sharp, most dangerous portions of the Forktooth, Estela fought with a ferocity far beyond her years, striking the elder thrice with her double-hooked claws before being pinned to the ground and rendered immobile. She was taken in by a thoughtful Calypso with the Elder's blessing, though her fellow Guards offered only disdain for her mixed heritage.

Through her training, she fought often and ferociously, taking every insult as a challenge to her honor. More than once, the elders of the Guard had to step in and save other young Guardians from her savage teeth and bitter flame, and more often than not, she was subjected to a list of solitary duties and lonely patrol. However, every obstacle put in her way only strengthened the dragoness' resolve, and she spent many long and sleepless nights honing her various skills.

When Kyoyan was felled and Yorije sent into disarray, she stepped up to support the new Calypso as both friend and warrior; she stomped out every threat and defeated any who lay challenge to her queen's authority without mercy or forgiveness. Many members in the various Families, as well as those in the Guard itself, began to call her the Obsidian Fang, and she was soon chosen to be the Leader of the Black Guard in the absence of a current Daughter of Yorije. She earned her surname not two years ago by saving several incubating pearl-eggs from a rogue leviathan, burning it from the inside out under the watchful gaze of the smiling moon.

Now, she awaits the order of Calypso as always, a watchful Guardian as fiercely loyal and unpredictably protective as any.

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