Leader of the Broken Hearts

Cipher is a mercenary long viewed through history as one of the best; coupled with a unique heritage and the rare ability to manipulate radioactivity, he is an exceptionally skilled opponent in battle. He holds the Xaerin gift of the animal-spirit Anima, that of a hawk, changed into a winged, tigerlike gryphon creature by Ansil'na (his former partner).

A demon of mixed War and Famine bloodlines, his power over radioactivity and various forms of wavelengths is both a blessing and a curse. If left unused, it builds within him to the point of breaking free and endangering the lives of anyone around him. If used, it causes physical harm to himself, as he isn't immune to the effects of radioactive poisoning. Thus, he disappears often after being paid for any such mercenary job - lapses into a state of recovery so that he can survive, sometimes for many years.

His eyes are a deep teal and hair snow white. When he utilizes his demi-form, he has large, blue and white wings, as well as long, curved talons. He generally wears a black trenchcoat with metal studs along the shoulders, a black tunic, and a small pendant set with twin sapphires.

In his Anima form, he appears as a rangy blue tiger with black stripes, a thin white mane, gryphonlike foretalons and large wings.


name // Cipher.
gender // male.
species // demon.
kingdom // war/famine.
class // n'vaen.
rank // mercenary.
relations //
Sil'na- partner (deceased)
Salvation- friend.
Tyrion- friend.
Zarkane- friend.
Ram'r- friend.
Kaiba- friend.
Allen- friend.



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