Standing at a height of 6'4, Caele is a tall dark elf of the elder bloodline with black hair and light silver eyes. His hair falls about his face, bangs covering a small scar in the shape of a rune on his forehead, though the scar is nearly imperceptible. Three other scars share a resemblance; two on the back of each wrist, and one on the back of his neck. These scars are the kv'naer runes M, Y, S, and R. THe first two point to the word 'Memory', though the letters are split, and the second two spell 'Sear'.

Caele wears a sleeveless tunic that bares his shoulders, twin silver bracers inscribed with runes that cover his scars buckled to protect his lower arms. These bracers, in addition to the runes, bear engravings of small dragons that wing their way around the edges, stylized and almost tribal in appearance. He wears short, fingerless gloves when fighting or training, and three black-leather bands around his upper left arm. When traveling, especially in bad weather, the youth wears a black cloak that trails to the ground. To complete his outfit, he wears black leather breeches, swordbelt carrying Omar, the White Blade. He carries a small dagger and a pouch on his right side, as well as a necklace from which hangs a small silver leaf.


Caele is kind and compassionate, unusually quiet for a dark elf of his age. Among friends, he is loyal and outgoing, and goes out of his way to cheer a close companion up if they seem down. He is brave, though he still has fear, mainly that for his dragon Talos; and that of his past. His years in the Evylonion prison broke his will to revisit the past entirely, and he struggles to overcome the new barriers put before him. Reunited with his dragon - an many old friends - he's finally attempting to recover, though the road is very long.

In battle, he isn't without mercy. He has admitted to have taken a loathing towards enemies such as demons or deathcats, and enjoys battling the dragons' natural predator, the snakekind, though dislikes having to fight those of his own kind. If forced to, he will be hesitant and try every option before taking the life of another elf. In this, he is adamant, for he knows as well as any the history and values of one of his own kin. As he fights for Vystriana, he knows that someday D'issan's Authoritarians may rise in their excessive greed to try and overtake the dragons' lofty stronghold; and come that day, he may have to slay more than one who shares his blood.

Due to events in the past - most recently his immoral incarceration - Caele will withdraw into himself and hide his emotions with a mask none can breach, concealing his feelings well behind it. He can become cold and almost unfriendly to even those he knows well, though he doesn't mean it. Usually at these times he will distance himself from everyone, seeking to sort out his problems on his own rather than force them on another.

In battle

The drow's abilities match the way he has been trained. Most proficient with the sword, he is also skilled with the use of a dagger or spear, though he's a poor shot with a bow and arrow. The years of training have him excelled at fighting with such, and he is quick to draw a blade whenever danger threatens.

However, when unable to fight with sword or spear, Caele resorts to Heartwoodian or drowish magic, usually that of Leanfir. While better at Heartwoodian magicks, he is learning more about Leanfir and the elements, and is most partial to earthly or air-type magical abilities. As a last resort, he can use his reiatsu - colored black and silver, much like the darkness within his mind - as both a spiritual and physical weapon.

One last ability he has is that of his veldryn form, Mirshann S'argt - a name meaning 'Guardian Angel'. Shapechanged into this form, he stands about three and a half feet at the shoulder, hide smoothly scales and black as night. He has a ruffled mane that falls around his silver eyes and trails down his neck and back, with a small tuft of fur tipping the end of his tail. Though incapable of human speech in this form, he is much faster and possesses the movements of the veldryn, able to fight fairly well without a weapon, though magic is also barred.


Talos is Caele's current dragon, a young Desert Gold who he met in Icemark after both had been traveling. Caele was injured by an attack from Nwalka; Kalorin had just been slain, though the boy didn't know it yet. When a silver veldryn who had befriended Caele as Mirshann came with news of Kalorin's death, the drow lost his mind with only Talos to protect him.

They escaped, and traveled long and far. it was a long while before Caele regained his sanity; but that is a tale for another day. Talos is a dragon standing about 6 feet at the shoulder, with both lighter and darker markings. He has a thick mane of creamy white as well as fur accenting his wrists and ankles, small, sharp horns hidden within the fluff. His eyes are dual-colored, green and amber, wing web and belly plates the same creamy color of his mane. Often, he is seen wearing the saddle Caele rides in as well as leather bands around all four legs.

Talos' powers include breathing a white-hearted fire of light gold, and the ability to create clear shields and barriers, as well as break them. He is a swift flier though doesn't yet know his own limits, and always enjoys a good, competitive race.

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The statistics

[name]: Caele Agarwath
[pronounced]: KAY-ahl Ah-gar-wahth
[translated]: "To Hold the Shadow of Blood"

[age]: 96 (appearance is around 25)
[birthdate]: 3rd day of Ilmen, 12934
[gender]: male

[race]: dark elf
[of the]: elder line
[eye color]: silver
[hair color]: black
[height]: 6'4

[lineage]: Elamshin and L'alurn

-Talos- current dragon.
-Saudi- deceased dragon.
-Remiera- unknown.
-Iriiliae- love.
-Kalorin- lost love.
-Ahrysza- lost love.
-Arnus- friend.
-Mercy- friend.
-Jekt- friend.
-Slain- friend.
-Svaara- friend.
-Aeris- deceased enemy.
-Mythic- deceased friend.
-Fyndel- deceased brother.
-Rennati- deceased sister.


Caele's gone through many different renditions in his creation; and has changed a lot over the course of many years. When I first started writing him, he was but an adolescent child, one just coming into the role of a man. But he wasn't always what he is today - my original idea was very far removed.

I first pictured Caele as a cold, unfeeling dark elf, who had so many layers to him, so many shields, that his true personality would almost never get to be shown. I had this little storyline in my head that I couldn't get out: where Arnus went back to Heartwood to make amends with the drow there, because back then, I had a feud going on between elves and drow in Evylon, instead of their being peace. I was going to have Arnus captured by these dark elves and sentenced to death, and Caele jumps in just in time to say no, that it was senseless. And the funny thing was, back then, Caele was going to have long, long black hair and would be a lot older, not the way he looks today. Ha! Anyways, the story was going to be that Arnus befriended him slowly, worked away the shields and defenses, and revealed a person a lot like himself, if less, er... eccentric and more subdued.

Well, the story definitely changed, lol. I started to really think about it, and after a while, I didn't want another long-haired elfkin. I didn't want some cold drow who would have bored the hell out of me after a week of role-playing him. I wanted something more... original, something a little more unique. So, after many long nights lying awake in bed, thinking about the ideas that constantly plague my mind, I began to form the Caele y'all know today.

He's gone from being a sweet, innocent kid to a dark-hearted Hunter, and back again to be the kind and compassionate drow we all know and love. And even from there, he's changed since; how will he change in years to come? That's for you to decide!


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