The Lord of Fire

Name;; Baron Firelord
Species;; Dragon
Subspecies;; Western
Gender;; Male
Age;; 9,683 Felnovian years
Height;; 17 at the shoulder
Length;; 50 feet long
Wingspan;; 60 feet wide
Rank;; Captain of the Raven
Hobby;; Bartending

Baron is an older white dragon with faint, snakelike markings that form a pattern down his neck and back. The pattern can also be seen along the backs of his wings, and is rumored to have once been bright and stark enough to confuse enemies on the battlefield, though it has faded with age. He has two rows of three black horns that travel down his neck, overshadowed by two larger, ridged horns; before that, he has a single pair that sprouts above his eye. Three spikes can also be found at the top of his tail and beneath his wings, matching his claws and the spade at the end of his tail.

On his chin, chest, the bottom of his tail, elbows and hocks are long, ragged fur of an off-white color, growing yellowed with age. His eyes are a stark yellow, the pupils slightly faded.

Baron is an old dragon who would much rather be tending to the bar of his Red Rooster inn than doing anything on the battlefield. Though he is a strong leader and a proven warrior, he seeks a much quieter, more peaceful, life. He is a jovial elder who enjoys telling tales of his past, and is always up to challenge a bard on Felnovian history.

He enjoys mentoring young squires and knights, as well as offering good, old fashioned grandfatherly advice.

Alongside Fang, Baron made a name for himself as a master of the fire element very early in his knighting career; some even say that of the two Lords of Fire, Baron was more powerful in a singular element than the king himself. He is able to devour fire and feed off of its heat and energy, as well as expel it in blasts of flame from his mouth.

Used much more frequently is his ability to conjure fire from any point on his body. He can fling fire from his tail, weave it around his claws, the backs of his wings, his horns, or any other place. When he's angered, this can happen unintentionally, often setting things on fire he later has to put out himself.

Otherwise, he may create smoke screens and waves of heat, both to deter and confuse attacking enemies.

Coding and content (c) me; artwork (c) Tazzay.