- name! Vybria Rakshatta
- gender! very obviously female
- primary pelt color! green
- secondary pelt color! dark green
- eye color! blue
- relations!
Valka- enemy. Moku- friend, leader. Basalt- tolerated misfit. Favron- current boytoy. Rialtos- bastard asshole.

pretty as a picture

credit where due

Coding and content (c) me; art (c) Playdoh, myself and Kirra/Dawn.

why don't you hear my

- - - SONIC BOOM ?

Sound and metal; metal and sound. These are two of this she-wolf's favorite things.

With limited control over the bending of metal and aspects including various alloys and ores, she is more drawn to the beauty of sound; whether singing with a lonely howl or imitating the meek chirp of a small bird, Vybria is drawn to it above all other things. A lover of music, she often creates instruments out of the objects around her, and is known for her skill with a harp.

But her affinity with sound does not end there. Able to control the pitch and depth of her voice to startling degrees, she can also magnify it or focus it on a single point, effectively turning a bark or snarl into very lethal weapons. She weaves spells of sleep with lilting song, shatters stone with a grating screech. She may heal the mind with soft words, or tear flesh apart with roaring vibration. Master of music, Vybria ever seeks to further her vocabulary, and someday hopes to learn the language of every living creature, be it man, beast, or even the gods themselves.

Though she may use sound, it is also her greatest bane; with the ability to seal her inner ear shut, she protects herself against her own magic, but if used against her without the warning enough to block it, it can cause a fair amount of damage. She is also very susceptible to metal poisoning such as Tetanus, and thought physically quite strong, diseases can cripple her for long months at a time.

hear the music, baby, and step


Vybria is an unusual, long-legged female with a bit of a lanky build, short tail and tufted ears. Green in color, her eyes are stark blue, captivating and ever mischievous. Darker markings spill across her back in a latticework of blade-like patterns, dotted and streaked with lighter marks, much like a cobra's hood. Her ears are tipped with light pink streaks, as well as on her face, more brushing the very top of each dark toe.

She wears two earrings in her right ear, and has long fur that falls around her eyes, a forelock she enjoys flicking out of her face to impress the males. Sometimes she will weave beads into her fur and other such trinkets, though in the current state of her pack, she does it much less often.

strike the drums and


Though by no means a pup, she enjoys flirting above all things; but she will neither look at nor suffer the lust of a hybrid or canid other than her own species. Quick to grin and flaunt her body, Vybria has born the Vehn many pups, though most of which are now dead. Due to this, she hates Var's massacre perhaps even moreso than Moku, but for her own reasons rather than morality and friendship to a packmate.

Through her travels, she found the Vehn after she had lost her first mate, and his betrayal taught her to never take life incredibly seriously. Though when angered she will go to great lengths to harm the offender (she castrated her first mate for attempting to kill their only pup, then left him to bleed out in the tundra), she is loyal and able-minded, and will stand beside her denmates through anything they may encounter.

Rukkbeth, her snake drienar, is the only one she trusts completely and wholeheartedly. She has friends, but none she would trust her life with; her soul-companion she would follow to the ends of the earth, to Hell and back, no matter the cost just so she could be at his side. It could be said that for all the mates and males she's had and bred to, Rukkbeth was and will always be the only one she ever truly loved.