M'kali of the Light

You want to bind me here?

Stern and haughty, M'kali is a rather odd cub; she's incredibly arrogant, and believes she can have no faults due to her royal ancestry. She's always right, and can do no wrong, even with faced with blatant, unavoidable failure.

M'kali is very courageous, and often wanders away from the pride to get herself into all kinds of trouble. She's very good at avoiding notice from both her mother and the broodmothers of the pride; her brother generally provides a good scapegoat, though most plans involving him are turned around to his advantage. Because of this, she's grown a deep dislike of Kivu, despite her contradictory protectiveness and wanting to defend him, due to blood relation.

Most surprising about M'kali is that she desires none of the royalty she's been born to. She wishes to, someday, leave the Faen and go out on her own. To be free of responsibility, do her own thing, escape and fade away... this is her dream.

then I'll just run away.

M'kali has not unlocked any abilities as yet.

basic memories

name;; M'kali.
species;; Vystrian lion.
age;; 3 years.
gender;; female.

pride;; Faen.
rank;; cub.

N'uavu- father.
Sinekka- mother.
Noctis- grandfather.
Kivu- brother.


Coding (c) Blazeh; art (c) Blazeh, Kirra and Dawnfeather.