Lutea Soulflight

the world is so bright

Sunflight and Soulflight; the twin surnames were given at around the same time, for much the same reason. As Zanna is a kindhearted, gentle soul, Lutea is much the same. However, young Lutea is an individual who sees the world in a different light, and wishes not only to understand it, but also control the energy of the Realms beneath her paws. She is fascinated by nature, and its delicate balance, as well as the effects it has on the evolution of species, plants, and the various ecosystems all over all of the worlds.

Interestingly enough, she has long wanted to join the Order of Mages and research her magic in her own way - however, she's bound to her Pride, and refuses to leave them when they need her most. She cares for the well-being of her pridemates over everything, and will let nothing stand in the way of her protecting them from harm. As she grows, this protective nature will encompass everything, and her knowledge of magic will be put to use in its path.

shining with all colors and none

Lutea was gifted with a grasp of earth and nature magics, mostly attuned to rocks and the earth. She loves gemstones of all shapes, sizes and colors, and has memorized their names by heart, and takes pride in discussing them with anyone with an ear to listen. She can grow gemstones with great concentration, shape them into trinkets for Zanna to use, or fill them with energy to make use of later should the need arise. Lastly, she has a limited ability to grow plants and various types of flora, and does so with great care. She's grown very fond of combining two different types of plants, then nurturing it into something new and beautiful.

For some reason, Lutea has discovered another gift; that of an unexplained sight of life energy, the aura of Realms and the inner core of most sentient beings. Thus, wherever she looks, she sees not only the forms of those around her, but also the colors that their reiatsu is comprised of, as well as the white energy that lay deep within. The aura of the Realm interests her the most - it is a constantly changing substance, affected by the auras and powers of those around her, and a key element in the working of most magics she's seen used.

It is a strange thing that she sees, and thus, it has no true name. However, she's taken to calling it the "faely'fe", or 'fae' for short, a Draconic term for 'wild life'.

basic memories

name;; Lutea Soulflight.
species;; Vystrian lion.
age;; 16 years.
gender;; female.

affinity;; earth.
specialty;; energy-reading.

pride;; Faen.
rank;; member.

Noctis- father.
N'uavu- half brother.
Sinekka- friend.
Devah- friend.
Zanna- best friend.


Coding (c) Blazeh; art (c) Blazeh, Kirra and Dawnfeather.