Kivuli of the Shadow

I'll be king someday!

Little Kivu is as ambitious as they come. Playful and intelligent, this cub constantly play-acts as the leader of his own pride, letting his imagination run wild about the day that N'uavu makes him King. He's very smart, and watches everything - even to the point of mimicking the actions and words of his elders.

He is a favorite of many of the elder lionesses, and a charmer like his grandfather. Though a sweet cub, he is also very manipulative and cunning; he can get what he wants very easily, with minimal effort. He's also prone to being much less arrogant than his sister, and would rather let her take the fall for his own failings.

just you wait and see.

As yet, Kivu hasn't unlocked his abilities. However, he's shown interest in his father's ability to steal soul-energy, and hopes to gain something like it someday.

basic memories

name;; Kivuli (Kivu).
species;; Vystrian lion.
age;; 3 years.
gender;; male.

pride;; Faen.
rank;; cub.

N'uavu- father.
Sinekka- mother.
Noctis- grandfather.


Coding (c) Blazeh; art (c) Blazeh, Kirra and Dawnfeather.