Eleusis Z'serzain

grandpa eleu

An old, elderly lion covered in thick plates, scales, and spikes, Eleusis is a kindhearted and laid-back individual who utterly adores cubs. He often settles for the job of babysitting, and enjoys watching the young ones' antics; they crowd around him, begging for stories, tales of his times of glory.

Once a warrior-guard for the Mahdros, he fathered three litters of cubs alongside his brother, as a second king; when he stepped down, he watched war after war kill many of his offspring, and he eventually left the pride a mere month before his grandson, Atomos, was born. Word of Atomos and his sister came far too late, and he returned after both, along with their parents, were already dead.

Now, however, he has come to care for his pridemates once more, and vows to protect the cubs with all that he's worth.

strong jaws

Eleu has great, terrible strength; he's able to crack dragon bones in his jaws, and send enemies flying with a single pawswipe. Often in his youth, he would use his tail as a mace, and his body as a wrecking ball; his scales were strong against most attacks, and he had long figured himself disposable, as his brother was the true leader. He claimed to have killed more deathcat enemies than any other in his time, though he has long since relinquished that title.

He still holds much of the same strength, though is much slower than when he was in his prime, and tires very easily. When pushed into a fight, he finds breathing difficult, and can't hold out against foes with greater stamina as he once did.

basic memories

name;; Eleusis Z'serzain.
species;; Vystrian lion.
age;; 449 years.
gender;; male.

affinity;; strength.
specialty;; forceful roars and brute strength.

pride;; Mahdros.
rank;; elder.

Atomos- grandson (deceased).
Aular- friend.
Eva- friend.


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