your final nightmare
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Adair Rozzaria Rathamoria is a Demonic Reaper; once a gryphon taken and twisted by the Kingdom of Death many years ago, now joined with the spirit of the demoness Rathamoria. Her former appearance and abilities are all but lost to time. Once covered in sleek brown fur and black feathers, Adair is the Tari'rae of the Anarya Flight, having escaped the demons who changed her when the original Lord, Razor, disappeared.

Now she is a fell she-gryphon with stark white feathers painted in bloody red and obsidian black. She wears a single silver earring on one feathered ear, as well as a slim silver band on her left foreclaw. Her eyes - slitted like a cat's, often glowing with Ratha's power - are a bright scarlet.

When she lets the demoness within take over, her black markings become white, and her white pelt becomes black. The red markings along her will begin to glow upon this transformation, and 'bleed' scarlet light, dripping like acid where she moves. Her wings and feathers get a tattered appearance, and her beak becomes more jagged, along with her talons. Teeth grow inside of her beak, long and tearing, while spikes erupt from her shoulders and the tips of her wings. Lastly, her mane - usually fluffy and soft - becomes longer and wilder, glossy as raven feathers.


She has one primary ability; others, such as healing and elemental affinity, come secondary to the Reaper's nature. She is able to not only see and sense spirits and spiritual energy, but grasp a still-living soul within its body and drag it out with her talons, intact. Dead souls are a bit more tricky, as they slip through and slither away like snakes. Once a spirit is captured, she may feed on its essence until either she's had her fill, or the soul disappears.

Should she not feed on at least a soul a week, Rathamoria's essence will begin to eat away inside of her, seeking to destroy her own soul and body until both spiritual and physical presences die. An experimental weapon of the Death Kingdom, her fate is now tied to the demoness inside of her, and if she does not feed Rathamoria, she will lose her life. If she refuses to eat souls for too long, and the damage becomes too extensive, it's said that the only one who may heal her spirit is the current lord of the Death Kingdom of demons.


As fear-inspiring as she may be, Adair is gentle an kind at heart. She adores children, and would do anything to protect them - she refuses to steal the souls of those too young, though Rathamoria has no such qualms. She is, more than anything, very motherly.

To enemies, she is not something to be trifled with, or angered beyond reason. She destroys her enemies without mercy, especially those who have harmed the ones she loves - at these times, she may willingly let Rathamoria free, setting the demoness out upon the world. Her rage has destroyed much and killed many, and over the years, she has learned to control it well.


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